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Is it worth extending the payday loan?

Have you miscalculated and want to extend your payday payback? Loan companies themselves urge borrowers to extend. So you shouldn’t have a problem with that. However, as you guessed, the extension of payday pay is not free. The fees may be large but are limited by the anti-usury act, which clearly specifies how much non-interest Read More

Advantages of applying for a credit without surety

Are you thinking of acquiring a loan? Congratulations! We know it is a great step for you. You can take advantage of it in different ways and we want to help you know the benefits of Liza Nicks Credits. First of all we want you to know that you can use it as you prefer; Read More

These are the best credit cards now!

The number of credit cards has recently started going up. Although this does not in itself lead to a trend reversal as it would require more intensive growth, the credit card supply will remain in the future regardless of the number of cards. We looked at what are the best credit card deals on the Read More

Advantages of fast and easy credit

A credit is an amount of money that a bank or financial entity lends us to undertake, consolidate debt, make a trip, buy a car or attend an emergency. Many of these activities require an immediate investment and for that we need a fast and easy credit to process. These are characterized because they do Read More

Quick Payday Loans and Online Credits

In CashLend we are specialized in everything that has to do with fast loans with Credit Institution and urgent loans, which today are undoubtedly shown as the best option to get liquidity quickly and without waiting. More and more people are turning to online credits to solve their specific liquidity problems. Mini-credits can be a Read More

Here’s to you control: It’s cheaper to pay by credit card than by deposit!

Until the introduction of the FTT, it was a market habit for banks to keep their annual credit card fees high, but to give their debit card cheap. In the past, the cost of a credit card could even double that of a debit card. However, since credit cards are usually issued in the more Read More

There are strict rules: how to get more credit

Next year, we will only be able to spend a certain amount of income on repayments. However, there are several ways to borrow more money. We’ve collected what we can do to get the most from our bank. Income-specific detail and hedging ratios will be introduced next year. According to the law, 50 to 60 Read More

5 books for Book Day that will help you save – microcredits and personal loans

A few days ago we have been able to enjoy the day of the book and with it we have been able to discover some books that propose various saving methods, for this reason we detail the most important ones here. Books that propose saving methods Allan Pease is the most recognized body language expert Read More

Borrow a Long Time – Long-term Loan

The long-term mortgage allows the quantity of the monthly payment to be altered to the income of a home. But you have to keep an eye on the entire cost of the operation.   Why borrow for a long time? In terms of mortgage loans, the timeframe of the loan and the rate of interest Read More

How much money can I borrow?

How much money can you borrow and how does the lender arrive at such an amount. A good question to ask yourself when you are about to apply for a loan. In this article we explain how the lender calculates how much money you can borrow. How much money you can borrow for a car Read More

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